My purpose is to create cakes for little hands to smash whilst being safe for consumption!

It all started when I was on the hunt for an allergy-friendly smash cake for my son's first birthday. I was extremely excited to do a smash cake photoshoot with him to mark the occasion! After endless hours of searching with no luck, I took it upon myself to make his smash cake - a vanilla blueberry cake with a mascarpone frosting. This was the start of my business journey.

What I offer isn’t just baby smash cakes, I also offer peace of mind. For many parents, allergen awareness is a scary journey. Parents can rest assured knowing that the cakes on offer could cater for any allergy - gluten, dairy, soy, egg or nut - so their baby could smash their cake and eat it too!Β 

I also specialise in custom cakes for birthdays, functions, events and special occasions. Our custom orders can be tailored to meet all allergy wants and needs. For all custom orders, please click the below button to make an enquiry.